Mixed by Espa - Steven Espa Petridis

Espa has been involved with the music scene since 1990 specializing in programmed based music. He has worked as an in house engineer at Electric Avenue in Sydney and has been tutored by DJ Young Guru (Roc-A-Fella) and worked with artists; INXS, Pharrell Williams, Swedish House Mafia, Rates and BennyOTB, Kerser, It's Lily, Mitchos Da Menace, Dawn Laird, Nihilist (SubC), Noyz & Dusty Loops (Canada-WafflesAndBeatz), Hyjak and more.

Producing and programming hip hop/electronic music and watching it evolve from the 90’s Espa has acquired a vast knowledge of musical styles and mixing techniques, also having mastered working with musicians he brings a unique blend and view to electronic music.

Espa is passionate on educating and spreading knowledge with Audio Engineering, and is a tutor at Last Minute Productions at Redfern Community Center.